Site Credits


Many of the images here are Creative Commons-licensed or in the public domain, however there are also a few copyrighted images and others of indeterminate origin. If you are the owner of one of these images and object to its use here, please contact me. I’d be more than happy to remove it and find a replacement.

Creative Commons-licensed, Explicitly Shared, and Public Domain Images

Google Buzz Icon by Google, and uploaded to the Wiki by Chris Messina

Home icon by the folks at Nifty Tutorials.

Large Email Icon (free for non-commercial use) by Zige Zhao at Iconspedia

Mortar Board (public domain) traced and reworked by Stannered at WikiMedia Commons

Page backgrounds are patent diagrams and other technical drawings in the public domain taken from Wikimedia Commons

Rolodex (cc-by-nc-nd) by Robert Nilsson at Flickr.

Social Icons (cc-by-nd) by Aquaticus at Iconspedia

Images of Indeterminate Origin

Small Email Icon

Small Book Icon

Welcome Mat uploaded to Photobucket by Corbim


Copyrighted Images

Auricon Pro-600 by owyheesound

Small Clock Icon by Firmstep

Satellite Dish from Roxsat

Twitter Icon from Twitterific for Mac by The Icon Factory.


Images of me were taken by my talented and illustrious wife, Sarah Braun.

I put together the image on the “My Research” page from the logos of ABC, Firefox, and Twitterific.

Code Libraries

The citation slider on the front page employs the AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin by Chris Coyier (GNU-GPL)

RSS parsing for the front page was made far more efficient by the MagpieRSS (GNU-GPL) code library.