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Category Archives: Clipped

“There are only two sets of people on earth who find lightspeed annoyingly slow: cosmologists and stock traders” Jul 30, 2015

—Geoffrey Bowker, “Emerging Configurations of Knowledge Expression“

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“Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.” May 20, 2015

–Tom Goodwin, “The Battle Is For The Customer Interface” [H/T Sarah Stonbely]

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“As a rule, we use movies to dream and television, a home appliance, to sort out the details of our daily lives.” Aug 1, 2014

—Colin McEnroe on the finale of Breaking Bad I disagree with his thesis about the show, incidentally, but I love this quote.

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“When a society’s organizations thrust a large number of its citizens into a condition of permanent survival-oriented tension, it would be remarkable indeed if the effects were benign….The responsibility of leading firms and other bodies with concern for the social consequences of the organizational developments they initiate is a major issue of our times.” Jan 1, 2014

—John Child and Rita Gunther McGrath, “Organizations Unfettered: Organizational Form in an Information-Intensive Economy,” 2001

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“[Late night] shows are promotional vehicles for the industry. They’re not talk shows, per se. … [They’re] pretty cheap, too, so until it becomes an unworkable business model, I don’t think you’ll see change. Same as the movie business. Until this thing implodes from within, which feels like it’s not too far off.” Aug 24, 2013

—Jerry Seinfeld on the state of late night talk shows (in relation to his own online interview series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee)

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Kevin Spacey on Television Distribution Aug 24, 2013

Interesting comments from Kevin Spacey on House of Cards, Netflix, and the future of television distribution.

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“I have to share the credit. I may have invented it, but I think Bill [Gates] made it famous.” Jul 13, 2013

—David Bradley on his invention of the Ctrl-Alt-Delete shortcut for resetting a crashed computer

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“RSS represents the antithesis of this new world [of proprietary APIs]: it’s completely open, decentralized, and owned by nobody, just like the web itself. It allows anyone, large or small, to build something new and disrupt anyone else they’d like because nobody has to fly six salespeople out first to work out a partnership with anyone else’s salespeople.” Jul 3, 2013

—Marco Arment, “Lockdown”

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“Being interested in both natural and programming languages, I decided to expand on this analysis of profanity in git commit messages per programming language.” Jul 3, 2013

—Ramiro Gómez, “Exploring Expressions of Emotions in GitHub Commit Messages”

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William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition” Jun 29, 2013

I recently finished reading William Gibson’s novel, Pattern Recognition.  Published in 2003, it’s a prescient social critique of surveillance marketing, the post-9/11 security state, and the uncomfortable blurring of the two.  While reviews of the book when it came out apparently fretted … Continue reading

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