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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Squid to Serve Humans Mar 28, 2008

60 Second Science—Well, sort of. Fans of classic science fiction and/or campy Disney films will recall that squid and humans have a score to settle. But Captain Nemo will be happy to hear that our cephalopod friends may have finally … Continue reading

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Brave New World Mar 12, 2008

My first video is up today at the Ventura County Star’s website. Here’s a link to the accompanying story. Photo credit: John Nichols Gallery

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Communities and Museums Mar 11, 2008

Another article synopsis for my science communication course, this one of Karp and Lavine’s 1993 article, “Communities and Museums: Partners in Crisis”… This article is a partial synopsis of the book, Museums and Communities by the same authors. It looks … Continue reading

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Something in the Water Mar 10, 2008

The Associated Press has a story out today about the trace amounts of pharmaceuticals that make it into the water supply. It’s attracted quite a bit of attention already—Google News lists 608 related articles (though most are actually the same … Continue reading

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1000+ Unique Visitors Since the New Year Mar 10, 2008

Good news! This site’s now topped 1000 unique visitors since I installed the stat counter in late December. I dunno how many folks were here before that—I’ve had this site for years, but there hasn’t been much going on ’til … Continue reading

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A Note About Belonging Mar 6, 2008

I got my official admissions letter to the Cornell Ph.D. program today. Despite the fact that I’ve been here for almost two years, it has all the orientation materials in it. The letter is priceless, or rather the typos in … Continue reading

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