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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Web Experiment: Research Blog Site May 29, 2008

Update: I’ve gotten some great feedback on this site and some really sharp bloggers interested in new media and journalism have offered to contribute to it.  What it needs at the moment is a better infrastructure.  So I’m going to … Continue reading

Posted in Surviving (in) Academia, Technology | Tagged , , , | 2 Comments

A Research Essay on Daily Kos May 18, 2008

In addition to being a vibrant community, Daily Kos also lays claim to being a news outlet. It’s a valid claim. Lots of people get their news from this site, both from its front page and its myriad user diaries. … Continue reading

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Return of the South America Journal May 14, 2008

It’s back!  One of the most popular features on my old website was the public diary I kept while traveling in South America.  I’d been meaning to port it over to the new WordPress site for a long time and … Continue reading

Posted in Open Journals | Tagged , | 2 Comments

The truth comes out about the other 99.9% of the blogosphere. May 12, 2008

You hear quite a bit these days about the huge impact of new media.  Blogs have apparently brought down the careers of successful politicians and media stars like Trent Lott and Dan Rather.  They’re reflowing Internet traffic and hitting traditional … Continue reading

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Publish then Filter: A Review of Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody May 8, 2008

Clay Shirky’s new book, Here Comes Everybody is at once highly readable and a massive undertaking. He sets out to explain, as many recent authors have done, how new communication technologies and the people who use them are changing the … Continue reading

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