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Monthly Archives: February 2011

"She's our biggest show." Feb 28, 2011

—MSNBC President Phil Griffin on Rachel Maddow Howard Kurtz’s profile confirms The Rachel Maddow Show’s flagship status at MSNBC in the wake of Keith Olbermann’s departure.

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The Evolution of Television Feb 28, 2011

[Image Credit: Superman; H/T James Overheul]

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Who Thrives On Live? Feb 28, 2011

In the wake of yet another hullabaloo—this time over the Oscars—concerning how television events translate to the Web, I thought I’d hammer out a few notes. It’s not the newest of observations, but still worth putting down: the business model … Continue reading

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Noted Without Further Comment Feb 28, 2011

This is everywhere now, but I still can’t resist posting it. God bless random Internet users with Adobe After Effects. [H/T Technolog]

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The Wizard of Oz, "barcoded" Feb 27, 2011

Moviebarcode is a Tumblr blog featuring images created by mapping the colors from every frame of a motion picture.  It’s rather beautiful and gives a wonderful sense for each film’s mood and use of color.  Above is a “barcode” from … Continue reading

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"I've missed that kind of television togetherness, which has largely vanished in the era of DVRs and video on demand; even if you're watching something that a friend is watching, too, there's a very good chance you've time-shifted it to whatever's convenient rather than when it was on the air. That makes me think we ought to change the expression 'on the air' to 'in the air,' since so much of what comes through our televisions these days is hovering rather than streaming, just hanging there until we beckon it, rather than it commanding us to come to the living room and take a seat." Feb 25, 2011

—Susan Orlean, “Togetherness” [via Jessica Stanley]

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"I don't know about you, but I am not initially attracted by the idea of my brain as a sort of dung heap in which the larvae of other people's ideas renew themselves, before sending out copies of themselves in an informational diaspora…Who's in charge, according to this vision—we or our memes?" Feb 24, 2011

—Daniel Dennett, quoted by James Gleick/Robert Krulwich

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Anchors and Muppets: Walter Cronkite Feb 23, 2011

I haven’t posted an anchor with a muppet in a while, so I thought I’d make up for it with this extra special image.  Technically, Cronkite’s fuzzy companion, Charlemagne the Lion, isn’t a muppet in the Jim Henson sense, but … Continue reading

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"The release also promises that 'all generations' of Star Trek will be available, which is good news for any fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine, as those shows have never had full online distribution beyond iTunes." Feb 23, 2011

—Liz Shannon Miller on CBS’ new deal to syndicate its catalog to Netflix I always found it curious that with rampant piracy and entire sites dedicated to torrenting Star Trek, CBS never put The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine online. … Continue reading

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Disabling Chrome's PDF Viewer Feb 22, 2011

The latest version of Chrome added an inline PDF viewer, which is probably a convenience for many, but bugs the hell out of me.  Generally when I click on a PDF it’s because I want to save it, rather than … Continue reading

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