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Monthly Archives: March 2011

"We've received lots of support for our new app from programmers and consumers, but now, some TV networks want to take the free app away. Why? They're worried about their bottom lines. We're standing up for you." Mar 29, 2011

—Time Warner Cable on network criticism of its new TV Everywhere iPad app The irony here is just delicious. The cable companies have hounded the networks and other content providers for years now about streaming TV shows for free online … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Nano Exhibit Mar 27, 2011

I visited Cornell’s Johnson Museum of Art exhibit on the Tata Nano today.  It was a fascinating reminder of the many factors that shape design—not merely technological, but cultural, material, legal, commercial, and so forth.  In assembling a $2,500 car, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Richard Leacock Mar 25, 2011

Richard Leacock, one of the founders of the American cinema verite movement, has died.  He was a legend and an inspiration for generations of documentary filmmakers, as well as a personal hero of mine. [Image Credit: Richard Leacock with Aaton]

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Search Trends in Intelligence Gathering Mar 25, 2011

Heard this fascinating piece on NPR this morning—it started me free-associating from probably a dozen different bits anthropology and communication research, and popular tech writing as well, including Hugh Gusterson’s essay, “Missing the End of the Cold War in Security … Continue reading

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"A lot of people haven’t grasped its importance yet, but this will have a worldwide impact that people are going to have to think about and manage." Mar 23, 2011

—David Cohen, CEO of Edgewise Media/Comtel Pro Media on the potential impact on broadcasters of possible shortages of Japanese-produced recordable media and broadcast peripherals following the recent earthquakes

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Re-importing from Papers v1 to Papers2 Mar 23, 2011

The release notes for Papers v2.0.2a are epic and partially or completely address many of the issues that prevented some users from hopping on board with the initial release.  One frequent question on the Papers2 support forums seems to be … Continue reading

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"If Netflix’s new gamble here works, this is the absolutely the future. In three years, we won't be paying $75 a month to a giant cable conglomerate. We’ll be paying $8 to Netflix and other players that pop up—like HBO (by themselves), perhaps." Mar 19, 2011

—MG Siegler, “Netflix Original Content Is Much More Than A Strategy Shift—It Could Shift An Industry”

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CNN Goes TV Everywhere Mar 17, 2011

Over at SXSW, CNN has announced that it’s about to drastically increase its audiences’ options for consuming video—provided they pay their cable bill.  To understand the import of the “TV Everywhere” business model on which the new services will be … Continue reading

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"When Kevin Spacey and David Fincher started developing their upcoming TV show House of Cards (based on the British mini-series) without a network attached, we anticipated a bidding war. What we couldn't have expected—because it's never happened before—is that Netflix would swoop in and outbid suitors like HBO and AMC with a staggering two-season, 26-episode commitment." Mar 15, 2011

—Kyle Buchanan, “Meet Your New Network” This is a big deal, but not at all unexpected. Netflix has already proven itself to be a window that can compete with cable on some fronts for distribution rights, so it was only … Continue reading

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"In 2010, every news platform saw audiences either stall or decline—except for the internet. Cable news, one of the growth sectors of the last decade, is now shrinking, too. For the first time in at least a dozen years, the median audience declined at all three cable news channels." Mar 15, 2011

—Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism, “State of the News Media 2011”

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