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Monthly Archives: September 2011

"If the Internet and television are going to converge, we need to know a lot more about user behavior, what with all these new devices and how people actually want them to interact. I had no idea I wanted them to work in this fashion." Sep 30, 2011

—Eric Spiegelman on new user experiences and how television convergence is happening in fits and starts [H/T Ryan Lawler]

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Amazon, Netflix, Fire, and the Content Wars Sep 29, 2011

Peter Kafka has written a short, but insightful piece on one of the wrinkles in the Amazon Video/Netflix streaming competition.  His observation? Amazon’s promoting Netflix as an app on the Kindle Fire tablet despite the fact that the tablet is … Continue reading

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September 2011 Emacs Roundup Sep 22, 2011

Over the past few months, I’ve written a number of beginner-level tutorials on Emacs, and I plan to write more in the future.  I wanted to periodically put them in one place for ease of reference.  So far, I’ve put … Continue reading

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Library Proxy Chrome Extension Sep 17, 2011

The other day, I detailed how to create a bookmarklet for quickly downloading journal articles without having to browse to them through your university library’s Website. I’ve now created a Google Chrome extension that does the same thing. Eventually, I plan … Continue reading

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"A Vast Wasteland Revisited" Sep 16, 2011

Nieman Lab just posted this video from Harvard’s Berkman Center event discussing “news and entertainment in the digital age,” which looks at the state of television today. Lots of big names and interesting commentary in there.

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A Trick for Grabbing Journal Articles Faster Sep 15, 2011

Whenever I encounter a link to an interesting journal article on the Web, I always hate having to go find it all over again through my university library’s Website in order to actually download it. Here was my solution to … Continue reading

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Bound and Determined Sep 10, 2011

The bound copy of my dissertation finally arrived this week from Cornell. The packing slip says it weighs 7 lbs.  No spider will be safe in my office now.

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Anatomy of a Useless Forum Post Sep 9, 2011

After my recent experiments with installing and learning various Emacs modes, I’ve been thinking a lot about online help forums, and more specifically a particular breed of frustrating forum post.  Anyone who seeks to become more tech savvy—to learn programming … Continue reading

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