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Monthly Archives: April 2012

On Sales of Set-Top Boxes Apr 13, 2012

NewTeeVee has a nice roundup of stats surrounding various set-top box products The total number of Boxee Box users is around 200,000…still in line with an industry-wide trend: Smart TV set-top boxes haven’t reached a wider audience, and sales have … Continue reading

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We Cannot Escape Ourselves Apr 12, 2012

This has already turned up on Jezebel, so I’m sure it’s everywhere by now.  Still, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

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"How Linux is Built" Apr 10, 2012

Thought this video from the Linux Foundation was pretty cool.  Nothing much to add, other than I figured it was worth sharing. [H/T Paul Spoerry]

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My Communication Theory Piece is Out Apr 10, 2012

My article with Jeff Niederdeppe on risk information seeking and processing has come out today in the May issue of the journal Communication Theory.  I wrote the initial draft of this as a first-year grad student circa 2006, so it bears little … Continue reading

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