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Yesterday's Links Nov 18, 2010

Should Companies That Use Open Source Software Pay a Tithe? // Chris Mims, over at MIT’s Technology Review, looks at one company that’s decided to go this route.  I also found out that Chris is writing regularly for Grist, a terrific environmental Website.

Echoes of Grit and Humor // My friend Curtis Brainard at CJR writes about Tom Henry, a talented environmental reporter and columnist who will be going to work for the Great Lakes Echo, a Knight Center for Environmental Journalism project.

And all sorts of awesomeness yesterday from one of my favorite blogs (which has now become more of a GigaOm section front), NewTeeVee:

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar on Hulu Plus, IPO, Studios [Video] // Om Malik’s talk with Jason Kilar about Hulu Plus, and his thoughts on the recent price cut to Hulu Plus.  This also makes me really want to go to a NewTeeVee Live Event.

Netflix CEO: Hulu Plus ‘May Grow Into a Competitor’ // Netflix CEO Reed Hastings talks about where his company views Hulu Plus in the online video marketplace.

In 2014, You’ll Have Up to 10 Screens for Online Video // Our screens proliferate at the same time they converge.

The Boxee Rebellion // Boxee users aren’t all happy with the version of its software Boxee shipped with the Boxee Box.  If the company’s history is any indication, users will get their way on at least some of this—but then, as I’ve written before, it’s all a bit more sensitive once the box is sitting on top of your television.

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