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Josh Braun’s Blog // I have it written down somewhere . . .

Yesterday's Links Nov 20, 2010

The very first NYT election map // From 1896 (McKinley won).  More at the link to FlowingData and at the Website of Matthew Ericson, who dug up the map.

On the Road Avec M. Levy // The Nation’s Chris Hayestweet about his favorite negative book review reminded me of this hilarious piece by Garrison Keillor. [H/T Josh Roebke]

Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate // This clip of Fred Rogers arguing against Nixon’s proposed funding cuts to PBS was a hit on Tumblr yesterday after NPR’s Fresh Air posted an embed of it.  Their interview with him can be found here. [H/T Doreen Marchionni]

Down on the (Content) Farm // Bo Peabody at Business Insider argues Demand Media, the current poster child for content-production-by-algorithm, is a bad investment.

NBC’s Guthrie: A Case Study In New News Norms // I also revisited one of my favorite pieces on some of the challenges faced by reporters working within MSNBC and NBC-Universal’s family of news properties.

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