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Yesterday's Links Nov 21, 2010

Why have personalized news startups failed? // Nice discussion on Quora about some of the problems these companies have faced. [H/T Dave Cohn and Ryan Osborn]

Six-month US study finds more than 400,000 articles illegally republished // Not surprising, but impressive.

“Hulu for Magazines” Launching Early 2011 for Android // Next Issue Media chose Google’s mobile OS because “CEO Morgan Geunther says that the choice to bring this to Android devices first wasn’t because they favored Android over the popular iOS platform, but because Apple’s terms did not lend themselves well to a lot of the publishers Next Issue is partnered up with.” Interesting.

Google Can Index “Almost Any Text” In A Flash (SWF) File // Does this mean the SEO crowd will be adopting Flash now?

Teen Can’t Wait for Apple: Orders iPhone 4 Parts Direct From Foxconn, Makes $130,000 // I want the one with the most Gee-Bees.

Nerdgasm! Star Wars Drawings Made Only With Type // I gravitated toward this less because of the drawings themselves, and more because it reminded me of the Star Wars telnet experiment.

Are new media throttling good journalism? Natalie Fenton on new media and old news // Fenton and her colleagues have done a great job recently summarizing some of the main issues and academic problems confronting journalism in the digital age. [H/T Pamela Shoemaker]

RISJ appoints Professor Robert Picard to new role of research director // I love RISJ. Some of my favorite people—both scholars and journalists—have done great work there in recent years.  So this is good news.

The Best Android Fragmentation Example: No Google Search App On Android 2.1 // Not as dramatic as the headline suggests, but still worth a read.

The Social Inbox // On the Media’s great this week, as usual.  Dan Gillmor opines on Facebook Messages.

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