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Yesterday's Links Dec 14, 2010

Learning to Love Lower Profits // A prescient 1995 piece from Philip Meyer predicting the impending financial troubles of newspapers. Originally published in American Journalism Review. [H/T Steve Yelvington]

Marcel Proust on reading newspapers // A terrific quote [H/T Jessica Stanley]:

That abominable and sensual act called reading the newspaper, thanks to which all the misfortunes and cataclysms in the universe over the last twenty-four hours, the battles which cost the lives of fifty thousand men, the murders, the strikes, the bankruptcies, the fires, the poisonings, the suicides, the divorces, the cruel emotions of statesmen and actors, are transformed for us, who don’t even care, into a morning treat, blending in wonderfully, in a particularly exciting and tonic way, with the recommended ingestion of a few sips of café au lait.

Roof Falls In, Sending the Giants’ Game to Detroit // A nice use of a sliding fulcrum to compare before and after pics. [H/T Rachel Maddow]

Dilbert for December 11, 2010 // Scott Adams on the future of business.

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