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Three Takes on the Kilar Essay Feb 3, 2011

I initially thought of Jason Kilar’s essay as a sort of response to the criticism leveled at Hulu’s corporate relationships recently in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere.  But here are three commentators’ alternate interpretations of Kilar’s piece on the future of television:

Jason Kilar is crazy // The picture that emerges of Kilar in the Financial Times is that of an arrogant, short-sighted CEO, though the author, Matthew Garrahan seems to think it could also be that…

Jason Kilar wants out of Hulu // Peter Kafka quotes a network executive as saying, “80, 90 percent of what [Kilar] says is right,” and himself adds that Kilar’s argument “makes perfect sense. Except for the part where he says it in public, while working for a company owned by three TV networks.”  Kafka, following a tweet by the author of the above piece, puts forward the possibility that Kilar wants out of Hulu and wrote the post as a sort of “fireworks display you put on because you don’t want to work at your current job anymore.”  The third take is that…

Jason Kilar wants to avoid licensing content on the same terms as Netflix // Ryan Lawler at NewTeeVee suggests that Kilar’s post, which makes a numbers case for continuing to license network content on a per user-per month basis, is the CEO’s pitch to content providers not to stick the company with the sort of expensive licensing agreements to which Netflix is increasingly being subjected.

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