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Re-importing from Papers v1 to Papers2 Mar 23, 2011

The release notes for Papers v2.0.2a are epic and partially or completely address many of the issues that prevented some users from hopping on board with the initial release.  One frequent question on the Papers2 support forums seems to be how to re-import your library from Papers v1 in the event that you want to start from scratch with a fresh Papers2 install.  Here’s a guide for doing so in the event that it comes in handy:

(1) Turn of Manuscripts in Preferences>Manuscripts or by using the “Disable Manuscripts” menu item in Manuscripts itself.

(2) Quit Papers v2 if it’s running.

(3) Delete ‘~/Library/Preferences/com.mekentosj.papers2.plist’

(4) Delete ‘~/Library/Application Support/Papers2’

(5) Delete ‘~/Documents/Papers2’

(6) Reopen Papers v2; it will offer to re-import from v1.

Note/Disclaimer: If you want to be on the safe side, you can move or rename the files and directories mentioned above rather than deleting them. This will allow you to put them back in the event that anything goes wrong. However, everything should work correctly. In either case, it’s always smart to have a backup of your stuff before proceeding. I know this is all common sense, but I wouldn’t want to be blamed for any data loss. 🙂


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  • noName

    Hi Josh,

    do you know whether one can import a rmd (refman database) in papers? Or any other conversion trick?

    • ‘Refman RIS File’ is listed as one of the import options in Papers 2, as are BibTeX, CiteULike and EndNote. Never tried any of them, though.