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Library Proxy Chrome Extension Updated Nov 26, 2012

For users of my Library Proxy extension for Google Chrome, please note that I’ve updated the plugin to conform to Google Chrome’s new developer specifications.  You can download the latest version of the extension by visiting the original download page/blog post.

For end users, the extension will function the same as always, however the new version will now be safely compatible with future versions of Chrome.  Also, since Chrome no longer auto-installs extensions offered outside the Google Chrome store, please refer to this guide when installing new versions of the plugin.  I think you’ll find the installation process is still quite simple, even if it’s no longer automated.

Lastly, since there was some interest, I’ve released the source of the extension [tar.gz] under an open source MIT license.  Enjoy!

[ Image Credit: Books Icon cc-by 2.0 Nishad Muhammad]

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  • You’re my hero. I was missing this.

    • Not a problem!  Really glad you find it useful.  The old version should still work, too.  The developer spec I used has just been deprecated, so it’s sunsetting before long.

      • It was more the instructions for how to load it despite Google’s (superficial) warning to the contrary. So Google to prohibit it by warning, clearly design in the possibility to adding it but not say so, and thereby avoid liability? 

        •  Yes, I think that was their play.  Reminds me of Boxee’s inclusion of torrenting features not advertised in the interface.  A clever way to thread the needle between opposing concerns.