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Josh Braun’s Blog // I have it written down somewhere . . .

“Hate is bad for people and other living things.” May 28, 2014

—Anonymous student(s) in Isla Vista, 2001

In 2001 I was attending UCSB when a disturbed student stopped his medications and ultimately ran his car at freeway speeds into a throng of pedestrians in Isla Vista, killing several of his peers. So much of what went on then is echoed in the recent news from the coast.  Above are the words that some anonymous tenants in Isla Vista painted on their picket fence back then, which was adjacent to the street on which the tragedy occurred.  Everyone who walked or rode their bike down that street that year remembers them.  They became a sort of silent anthem in a community coming together to heal.  I hope they get passed on today to whomever needs to hear them.

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