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Josh Braun’s Blog // I have it written down somewhere . . .

Some Publication News Apr 24, 2015

CVBookI don’t know if this really qualifies as “news” at this point, but since it’s been a really long time since I’ve updated this blog, I wanted to share pointers to a few of my recent publications.

My work on the expanding influence of “transparent intermediaries”—companies that provide infrastructure for distributing video and other media online, while remaining invisible to end consumers—was published in the Routledge anthology, Connected Viewing, edited by Jennifer Holt and Kevin Sanson. It’s a really terrific volume and I’m so pleased to have been a part of it. Here’s the citation and the link:

Braun, J.A. (2014). Transparent intermediaries: Building the infrastructures of connected viewing. In J. Holt & K. Sanson (Eds.), Connected Viewing: Selling, Streaming & Sharing Media in the Digital Era (pp. 124–143). New York: Routledge. [Link]

And I also had the pleasure of contributing to the special issue of Journalism, edited by C.W. Anderson and Juliette De Maeyer, on the “objects of journalism.” The articles in the issue all focus on the interplay between journalistic practice and the tools and infrastructures used to collect, produce, and distribute news. My own contribution examines a number of the software platforms underpinning the old website. Here are the citation and the link:

Braun, J.A. (2015). News programs: Designing’s online interfaces. Journalism, 16(1), 27–43. [Link]

And finally, I published a review of Rena Bivens’ fine new book, Digital Currents, on the evolving state of television news:

Braun, J. A. (2015). Book Review: Rena Bivens, Digital currents: How technology and the
public are shaping TV news. Journalism, 16(3), 447–448. [Link]

My own book will be out later this year as well—more on that soon!

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