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Yesterday's Links Nov 10, 2010

A few of the more interesting things I perused yesterday:

New Haven, Seeking to Get More Students Into College, Will Pay Tuition // The city of New Haven, Connecticut will pay for college for roughly 200 or more of its public high school graduates who qualify each year

Hacker Makes the 5th of November One to Remember // A student(?) hacker takes over the A/V system at Washington State University

Sociology 596: Web-based Social Research // An interesting syllabus for Matthew Salganik‘s graduate course at Princeton

Survey: News websites across US botch error reporting, corrections // The latest from the MediaBugs project, via Scott Rosenberg

Why Power Users Hate Fancy Web Design // My friend, Christopher Mims‘ blog on the trend toward minimalism in Web design.  This makes me feel secure in my decision to “keep it simple,” with this here blog redesign.

H/T Brian Keegan and Alexander Halavais for today’s links.

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  • I was wondering why I like the design of this site… Now I realize it’s ’cause it doesn’t get in my way. 🙂

    • Thanks very much! After spending a lot of time with their developers, I took a lot of inspiration from’s new clean-lines blog designs (see here: and here: I fully agree with your assessment that minimalism is returning to the Web—everywhere we’re seeing more use of white space and less feature-clutter.

      Part of it might be that CSS3 lessens the need for Photoshop, which in turn, I think, reduces the impulse to add useless drop shadows and cartoony contouring to every damn thing, since you already have the software open. I’ve also thought a bit about Byzantine sites, like Google Wave, or the criticisms of Facebook’s privacy control “improvements”—all tools that attempt to give more power to users, but are self-defeating in their complexity.

      Anyhow, this is far from great, but those were the thoughts that led me to spend a few hours on a new template. Thanks for contributing and giving voice to the Zeitgeist. 🙂

      p.s. I will get back to you about the Center for a Sustainable Future—I’ve just returned from a lot of whirlwind traveling.