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Yesterday's Links Nov 13, 2010

Online comments maybe not total waste of time // Researchers model the manner in which information propagates in comment threads. (H/T Lisa Grossman)

Why Google is Choked With Spam // Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta makes the case to my friend Chris Mims over at MIT’s Technology Review for why search is editorial decision making, and why it shouldn’t be left solely to algorithms.  A nice case for the “politics of artifacts.”

‘Unpacking the Nano’ to show revolutionary car’s impact // I am totally fascinated by the idea of this exhibit.

Stop the Takeover // A petition against the NBCU-Comcast merger.  I’m not advocating for or against signing, but merely fascinated by its existence.  The petition is being administered by Freepress.

Facebook to Google: We’ve got “Gmail Killer” // I guess someone there really disliked Buzz.

Hacking data all night long: A NYC iteration of the hackathon model // New York City hearts data visualization.

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