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Tag Archives: Journalism

Thoughts on Becoming a Minuteman May 20, 2015

It’s been woefully long since I last posted an update here, so I won’t bury the lede. I’m changing jobs and will start in the Fall as an Assistant Professor of Journalism Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I’m … Continue reading

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Carnival of Journalism 2(1): The Reboot Jan 19, 2011

Those of you following this blog may or may not have heard of the Carnival of Journalism.  It was a group of journalism bloggers—both practitioners and academics—who would propose a topic at somewhat regular intervals and all agree to write … Continue reading

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New Book on Changes in Journalism Nov 23, 2010

My friend Rasmus Kleis Nielsen is releasing a book today, co-edited with David Levy, on the “the changing business of journalism and its implications for democracy,” which also happens to be the straightforward title of the volume.  It contains pieces … Continue reading

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'Chuck' and the Future of Television Feb 7, 2010

My thought for the moment is about the Warner Brothers/NBC television series Chuck. It’s a terrific show and, frankly, I’m hooked on it. More so than I have been on any show in a long, long time. I could wax … Continue reading

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On Media Technologies and Concern for Others Jun 26, 2008

This is based on a comment written in response to a post on the NBC Nightly News‘ Daily Nightly blog, concerning Martin Fletcher’s interview with Afghan would-be suicide bombers. ••• When satellite television first began to make an impact on … Continue reading

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A Research Essay on Daily Kos May 18, 2008

In addition to being a vibrant community, Daily Kos also lays claim to being a news outlet. It’s a valid claim. Lots of people get their news from this site, both from its front page and its myriad user diaries. … Continue reading

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