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Tag Archives: open source

A Guide to Installing Arch in VirtualBox | Revised December 2015 Dec 23, 2015

Author’s Note on December 23, 2015 I’ve gone through and applied a long-overdue update and overhaul to these instructions. They will, do doubt, become dated again before long, though. So please continue to check for useful contributions from commenters in … Continue reading

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Obligatory Google Reader Exodus Post Jun 26, 2013

Since Google announced it would be shutting down Google Reader everyone who makes regular use of RSS, and who’d succumbed to Google’s hegemony over feeds, has scrambled to find a good alternative.  I’ve been following other folks’ posts about the various options … Continue reading

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A Guide to Installing Arch in VirtualBox Dec 22, 2012

I’ve now posted a revised version of this guide. Click here to go to the newer post. Author’s Note (12/26/2012): This post has been updated to take advantage of some of the excellent corrections and constructive criticism provided by the … Continue reading

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"How Linux is Built" Apr 10, 2012

Thought this video from the Linux Foundation was pretty cool.  Nothing much to add, other than I figured it was worth sharing. [H/T Paul Spoerry]

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Reincarnating a Dell Inspiron 8200 Apr 30, 2011

For inexplicable reasons, I ended up with an old Dell Inspiron 8200 from 2002 with a busted trackpad.  Its age basically precluded any fancy graphical desktop (though were it not for the broken mouse, Lubuntu would’ve made a fairly strong … Continue reading

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Eight Gorgeous Free Games Dec 10, 2010

If you’re like me, you love video games, but hate paying for them.  So, just in time for the weekend (and winter break), here are a few fun games to keep you entertained. They’re all free. They’re all beautiful. They’re … Continue reading

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Organizational Tools for Mac OS X Feb 15, 2010

Update 11-9-2010: For the most current version of this list, as well as the most current comments, head over to the version of it residing on my homepage. ••• I’m beginning some new research projects and I decided that my … Continue reading

Posted in Reviews, Opinion & Commentary, Technology | Tagged , , , , | 6 Comments

Studying the Web With Free/Open Source Tools Jun 11, 2008

If you don’t follow this site (overwhelmingly likely), I’m a grad student doing social science research on the Web.  This sounds simple, and being employed at a university, I have access to a lot of tools for just these sorts … Continue reading

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What will happen to Microsoft? Feb 27, 2008

60 Second Science—The last couple weeks have been filled with news on Microsoft. Microsoft attempts to acquire Yahoo! Microsoft invests $3 million in the development of healthcare applications. Microsoft gives away high-end software development tools to college students. Microsoft takes … Continue reading

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