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Tag Archives: television

“As a rule, we use movies to dream and television, a home appliance, to sort out the details of our daily lives.” Aug 1, 2014

—Colin McEnroe on the finale of Breaking Bad I disagree with his thesis about the show, incidentally, but I love this quote.

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Technology Review on TV’s Staying Power Jun 6, 2013

  Technology Review just published this interesting infographic on the persistence of traditional television viewing in the age of the Internet.

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"A Vast Wasteland Revisited" Sep 16, 2011

Nieman Lab just posted this video from Harvard’s Berkman Center event discussing “news and entertainment in the digital age,” which looks at the state of television today. Lots of big names and interesting commentary in there.

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A Course on "Smart TV" Jan 5, 2011

From Anne Jamison at the University of Utah comes a course I would totally take. (And who among you wouldn’t?)  It’s a class on “smart TV,” all those literary shows stretching back to The Prisoner with brilliant plot arcs and … Continue reading

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'Chuck' and the Future of Television Feb 7, 2010

My thought for the moment is about the Warner Brothers/NBC television series Chuck. It’s a terrific show and, frankly, I’m hooked on it. More so than I have been on any show in a long, long time. I could wax … Continue reading

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