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Tag Archives: unix

“When Unix was created and when it formed its cultural values, there were no end users. Computers were expensive, CPU time was expensive, and learning about computers meant learning how to program. It’s no wonder that the culture which emerged valued things which are useful to other programmers.” Jun 28, 2013

—Joel Spolsky, “Biculturalism” In this essay, Spolsky reviews Eric S. Raymond’s recent book, and examines differences between the cultural values of Windows and Unix programmers and how that translates into different user experiences.  I like the essay quite a bit—it … Continue reading

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Reincarnating a Dell Inspiron 8200 Apr 30, 2011

For inexplicable reasons, I ended up with an old Dell Inspiron 8200 from 2002 with a busted trackpad.  Its age basically precluded any fancy graphical desktop (though were it not for the broken mouse, Lubuntu would’ve made a fairly strong … Continue reading

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